Opera on Tap Colorado will present the first of its kind Mini Festival of
Mini Operas in February 24-25 at three arts venues in Lafayette, CO.
Performances will include An Evening of Bite-Sized Opera featuring Douglas Moore’s
Gallantry and six mini operas by Poulenc, Barber, Menotti and more at the Art
Underground Arts Hub, a Meet Your Local Composers presentation featuring live
performances and discussions with Colorado composers at The Collective, and Boulder
Opera’s Firebringers, mini myth operas for kids at the Center for Musical Arts.
“I’ve been intrigued by a recent trend of tiny operas – and realized it’s not really new.
Some stories need three hours to tell – but some only need eight minutes! It’s amazing the
depth of emotion and character achieved in such a short piece,” said Opera on Tap
Colorado Director Eve Orenstein. “Lafayette is developing into a very arts-focused
community and has two new arts venues that opened recently. We wanted to both
highlight and take advantage of that!”
Single tickets range from $8 to $15 and can be purchased at operaontap.org/colorado

Mini Festival of Mini Operas – February 24-25 in Lafayette, CO
Two days, three shows, so many mini operas!
Three Lafayette, CO Arts Venues!
Two show pass: $20
Three show pass: $30

Art Underground Arts Hub
420 Courtney Way
Friday, February 24 and Saturday, February 25
Tickets: $12/Advance, $15/At Door
Opera on Tap Colorado singers will perform seven short form operas in two hours
Douglas Moore’s Gallantry
An opera that parodies soap operas…complete with commercial breaks!
and Samuel Barber’s Hand of Bridge How much drama can on simple card game contain?
Jonathan Dove’s Pig
Two sisters fight for their most primal needs – hunger or love.
Lee Hoiby’s Bon Appetit
Julia Child, the delightful chef who taught Americans to love French cooking,
brought to life through song.
Giancarlo Menotti’s Telephone
A marriage proposal hindered by the blasted telephone.
Anne Phillips’ Plots
Nothing awkward about visiting your wife’s grave with your girlfriend!
Francis Poulenc’s Dame de Monte Carlo
Jean Cocteau’s pocket drama depicts the glamor and despair of a gambler.
Singers include:
Stephanie Ball
Corinne Denny
Adrianne Fleming
Margaret Ozaki Graves
Philip Judge
Kate Mathews
Eve Orenstein
Joe Perron
Tom Sitzler
Joshua Zabatta
And Amanda Setlik Jones, piano

The Collective
201 North Public Road
Friday, February 24 and Saturday, February 257:00pm
Tickets: $8/Advance, $10/At Door
There are living, breathing composers among us!
And some of them write tiny operas for big voices.
Pieces will be performed and ideas, inspiration, and process will be discussed!

Mini myth operas and workshop for kids
Center for Musical Arts
200 East Baseline Road
Saturday, February 25
Tickets: $8/Children, $10/Adults
Boulder Opera presents a musically compelling and visually stimulating chamber
opera for children that takes us on a journey around the world, exploring fire
myths of three different cultures. Young audience members will meet a singing
rainbow crow, the god of thunder, and a moon-chief, only to name a few! The
first scene, “Rainbow Crow,” comes from the Lenapé Indians of North America,
the second is the story of Prometheus from ancient Greek mythology, and the last
one is the world premiere of a new scene, “Iwarame the Caiman,”from the
Yanomami-Sanema Tribes in Venezuela.
Appropriate for K-5 audiences and families. Sung in English with instrumental
quartet. Performance time: 35 minutes

Stay after the show and let your children help the singers create a new fire myth in
this 30-minute opera improvisation workshop!
After the show, performers will work with children in groups to talk about
elements of opera, working together to create a character and a story line. Then,
the performers will improvise a new fire myth opera in front of the audience!
Appropriate for ages 6 and up! Free to attend, registration required
The Mini Festival of Mini Operas is sponsored by: Arts!Lafayette and Lafayette Cultural
Arts Commission.

About Opera on Tap Colorado:
Opera on Tap was founded in New York City in 2005 when a few singers, out for a drink
in Brooklyn, wondered what it would be like if classical singers could gig at local bars
like bands do. Opera on Tap has since grown to boast chapters in cities across the country
– and now in Colorado!
Opera on Tap Colorado brings opera to unexpected places throughout the state, offering
audiences exceptional music by outstanding singers, and giving professional singers the
opportunity to sing regularly in public in a welcoming, supportive atmosphere.
While casual and even raucous, Opera on Tap is not an open mic. Each month, shows
have a theme and singers perform arias and ensembles that more or less match that
theme. Audiences can expect singers to be top notch performers singing music from
actual operas – often with a drink in hand!
Eve Orenstein

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